Petko Karavelov

Petko Karavelov

Born: Koprivshtitsa

1860 - 1877: Finished secondary school in Moscow; studied in the School of History and Philology, as well as in the School of Law of Moscow University; taught History.

1878: Vice Governor of the town of Vidin and District Governor of the town of Tarnovo.

1879: MP in the Constituent National Assembly, Speaker of the First Ordinary National Assembly.

1880 - 1881: Minister of Finance in Tzankov's Cabinet; Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Head of the Ministry of Justice in the second liberal cabinet. Emigrated to Eastern Roumelia.

1884 - 1886: Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Minister of Public Buildings, Agriculture and Trade, head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Head of the Provisional Government after Batenberg’s dethronement; member of the Regency.

1885 – 1886: Diplomatic agent in Bucharest.

1890 – 1891: Diplomat in Vienna.

1891: Arrested after the murder of Hristo Belchev and convicted of instigation.

1894: Granted amnesty by the government of Dr. Stoilov.

1894 - 1901: MP in the Eighth, Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh National Assemblies.

1896: Founded the Democratic Party, which he chaired upto his death.

1901: Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Minister of National Enlightenment.

1903 – 1906: Diplomatic agent in Tzarigrad.

1913: Headed the negotiations for Bulgarian-Turkish relations’ settlement after the Balkan War.

After his return to Svishtov he run the Secret Revolutionary Committee.

Took part in the establishment of the Second Bulgarian Legion.

Correspondent with French and German newspapers during the April Uprising.

MP in the Constituent National Assembly.

MP in the Grand National Assembly.

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