Ivan Geshov

Ivan Geshov

1849 - 1924
Born: Plovdiv

1869 – 1872 - graduated in Finance and Political Sciences in Manchester, England.

1876 – 1877 - correspondent to the "Times" newspaper during the Aril Uprising. Arrested by Turkish authorities and sentenced to death but was pardoned after the intercession of the English and American Consuls.

1878 – 1883 – leader of the People’s Party of Eastern Roumelia, editor of “Maritza” newspaper, member and Speaker of the District Assembly, Chairman of the Standing Committee, Director of Finance.

1884 – member of the Bulgarian Literary Association.

1883 – 1886 - Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank. Signed the Bucharest Peace Treaty and was Minister of Finance in Karavelov's Cabinet.

1894 – 1897 - Minister of Finance in Dr. Stoilov's Cabinet and headed the Ministry of Trade and Agriculture. Chairman of the First Bulgarian Agricultural and Industrial Fair in Plovdiv.

1899 – 1924 - Chairman of the Bulgarian Red Cross, author of a number of works on finance, Speaker of the Eleventh and Fifteenth Ordinary National Assemblies.

1901 – 1920 – Leader of the People’s Party

1911 – 1913 - Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Religions. Signed the treaties between Bulgaria and Serbia and Bulgaria and Greece at the formation of the Balkan Alliance.

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