Muravey Radev

Muravey Radev

Full name: Muravey Georgiev Radev
Date of birth: 6 May 1947
Place of birth: Sofia
Education: Higher Institute of Economic - Varna,
Specialty: “Economy of Industry”

Professional Career

21 May 1997: Minister of Finance,
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the State Fund for Reconstruction and Development (the Fund ceased to function and was consolidated with the budget on January 1, 1999),
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank Consolidation Company.

1997: MP in the 38th National Assembly

1994-1997: MP in the 37th National Assembly, Deputy chairman of the Committee on Budget and Finance

1992-1994: Chairman of the "TEIP-KO" Cooperation, Plovdiv

1991-1992: Manager of “Iris Engineering”

1988-1991: Deputy Director on Research and Development, Assistant to the Rector on Economic Policy in the Technical University in Plovdiv

1979-1988: Chief Accountant in Ruse Technical University

1978-1979: Chief Specialist in "Targovia" ED - Ruse

1975-1978: Head of Department and Chief Accountant at "Avtoremonten zavod" ("Auto-repair Plant") - Smolyan

1969-1970: Neon technician in “Vuzkhod”, Plovdiv

Political Career

1999: Chairman of Bulgarian Democratic Forum (BDF)

1997: Member of the National Executive Council of the Union of Democratic Forces (UDF)

1997: Co-chairman of BDF

1992-1997: Member of the National Coordination Council of UDF

1992-1993: Deputy Chairman of the Coordination Council of UDF, Plovdiv

1992: Deputy Chairman of BDF

1990: Member of UDF

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