Ivan Kostov

Ivan Kostov

Born: Sofia

1974 - graduated the Higher Economic Institute in Sofia.

1989 - graduated in Mathematics at Sofia University.

Master of Economic Sciences since 1984 and an associate professor since 1991.

1969 – official at the National Hydro Meteorological Service.

1974 - assistant professor in the Higher Economic Institute in Sofia.

1979 - assistant professor in the Technical University in Sofia.

1990 - MP in the Seventh Grand National Assembly and Chairman of the Economic Committee.

1991 - Minister of Finance in Dimitar Popov's cabinet.

1991 - 1992 - Minister of Finance in Philip Dimitrov's cabinet and MP in the 36th National Assembly.

1992 - Vice Chairman of the PG of UDF.

1994 - MP in the 37th National Assembly.

1997 - MP in the 38th National Assembly.

1997- Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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