Petar Yanev

Petar Yanev

1886 - 1925
Born: Garvanovo, district Haskovo

1904: Finished secondary school in Haskovo. BAPU functionary.

1906 - 1910: Graduated Law in Geneva and Sofia.

1914 - 1918: Arrested for anti military activities.

1920 - 1923: MP. State Prosecutor; prepared the indictment against the perpetrators for the National Catastrophes.

1921 - 1923: Minister of Justice in Stamboliyski's Cabinet.

1923: Head of the Ministry of Finance in the second Stamboliyski's Cabinet.

Arrested after the 9th of June coup d’etat, brought to trial and acquitted.

1925: Killed in the Police Directorate after the assault on the St. Nedelya Church.

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