Ways of giving corruption warnings

Dear citizens,
In order to facilitate your using the corruption warning telephone, we present to your attention this instruction for system operation:


  1. 1. The corruption warning telephone can be dialled non-stop by all digital and analogue lines on the country’s territory, by being free for the digital lines and costing only one pulse for the analogue ones irrespective of the call’s duration;
  2. 2. Technical restrictions in corruption warning telephone operation:
    • The telephone wherefrom you are dialing the number 088018018 (irrespective of the fact whether the line is digital or analogue) has to be switched to tone mode of operation!
    • The switch from pulse to tone mode of operation is specific for each telephone and that is why we could not give instructions therefor herein. Please, read the operation instructions of your telephone in the part dealing with switching from pulse to tone mode of operation!
    • Such a switch cannot take place with number-dialing telephones. In this case, it is not technically possible for you to use the corruption warning telephone.
    • Currently it is impossible to dial 088018018 from mobile telephones.

      Please excuse us for the technical difficulties resulting from the above mentioned technical restrictions. Unfortunately it is impossible to avoid them.


    • In case you have managed to put through to the corruption warning telephone and to hear the initial greeting and the messages following it, but after dialing the numbers wanted (1, 2, etc.) the connection is interrupted, this means you are NOT in tone mode of operation.
    • In case the system “perceives” the numbers you have dialed, follow the instructions of the messages by carefully listening to each of them to the end.
  3. In case you have successfully switched to tone mode of operation and have unobstructedly entered the system, you have to take the following in mind:
    • Anonymous corruption warnings are saved in the system’s data base but their registration number is NOT provided to the sender. This means that you could NOT check the status of an anonymous warning which you have left. In accordance with the provisions of Article 17, para. 4 of the Proposals, Warnings, Complaints and Requests Law, “Legal proceedings are not initiated against anonymous warnings” and they are not subject to further consideration.
    • When you leave a corruption warning that is not anonymous, the following steps are of paramount importance to the successful actions under your warning:
  1. Step 1: Correct identification!

    When you announce the identification data required by the system, please have the following in mind:

    1. Leaving your Personal Identification Number is not compulsory but we would be grateful if you leave it.
    2. Record your name, surname and family name and a valid postal address to contact you by pushing the # button having provided this information.
    3. In order your identification to be correct, following your name and postal address you have to leave a valid telephone number (mobile too, if available) to contact you. You could do this after you have heard a message calling you to “dial” the respective phone number from the buttons of your telephone.


    • You should not leave your corruption warning in the address field! A separate field has been envisaged for the corruption warning itself. Only a definite number of symbols can be recorded in the name-and-address field and exceeding them might lead to loss of information.
    • We count on your probity upon providing your personal data, i.e. name, address and phone number for your identification authenticity is examined and in case of any discrepancy between the data recorded (e.g. a false number and/or name), your warning will be considered anonymous! In examining the status of such a warning, you will hear the following message: “Due to incorrect identification, the corruption warning containing the following registration number is considered anonymous and is not subject to any consideration!”
  2. Step 2: A correct warning!

    After you have identified yourself, the system allows you to record your corruption warning. Please have the following in mind:

    1. Leave corruption signals related only to officials of the Ministry of Finance, the Customs Agency and the General Tax Directorate.
    2. Leave warnings that are related indeed to the corruption issue!


    • In case your corruption warning is not related to the Ministry of Finance but concerns another unit of public administration, the only thing we could do is to thank you for your trust. it is not within our competence to deal with such warnings!
    • In case of recording warnings not related to the “corruption” issue, the latter shall not be taken into consideration!

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