Alexander Guirguinov

Alexander Guirguinov

1879 - 1953
Born: Sofia

1901 - Graduated in Law at the Leipzig University.

Democrat. MP in five consecutive National Assemblies - from the Fourteenth through the Eighteenth.

1923 – 1924 - participated in the Democratic Concord.

1924 – left the Democratic Concord as follower of Malinov’s political wing.

1931- Minister of Finance in Malinov's cabinet

1931 – 1934 - Minister of Internal Affairs and National Health in Moushanov's cabinet.

1944 - Minister of Finance in Mouraviev’s cabinet.

1945- repressed by the new Fatherland Front Government. Tried by the People's Court and sentenced to one year imprisonment (provisionally enforceable) and deprived of civil rights for one year. Took part in the restoration of the Democratic Party.

1946 – editor of “Zname”, the newspaper of the Democratic Party. Author of a number of works on Bulgarian history.

26 August 1996 - posthumously exculpated by the Supreme Court.

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