The mission of the Ministry of Finance is to maintain sustainable and transparent the public finances of the country while assisting the Government in the building of an effective public sector and creating conditions for economic growth.

The Ministry of Finance is the Bulgarian institution responsible for the development and coordination of, and control over the implementation of the state policy in the field of public finances, tax policy, government debt management, financial services and financial markets, and internal control.

The Ministry of Finance policies are focused on all economic growth factors whose achievement is impossible without a more secure, stronger, more transparent and more responsible financial system to the benefit of both the economy and society.

The Ministry of Finance is working to achieve the Government program priorities and participates in the maintenance of macroeconomic stability by implementing conservative and disciplined fiscal policy while ensuring instruments for flexibility and avoidance of the risks resulting from the economic crisis.

In pursuance of Bulgaria's commitments as a European Union Member State and as leading institution on national level the Ministry of Finance is implementing a budget policy focused on strengthened control over spending and budget deficit levels through measures for fiscal consolidation and for enhancing the quality, control and transparency of public finances.

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