Dimitar Tonchev

Dimitar Tonchev

1859 - 1937
Born: Kalofer

1875 – 1882 - studied in Kalofer and graduated from the Law School of the Novorussiysk University in Odessa.

1883 - appointed assistant prosecutor and chairman of the Plovdiv Deparliamentary Court.
Supporter of the East Roumelian Liberal Party.

1885 – 1888 - elected MP and Speaker of the Third Grand National Assembly and of the Fifth Ordinary National Assembly.
Deputy Speaker of the Sixth National Assembly.

1886 - Minister of Justice in Radoslavov's Cabinet.

1888 - 1891- Minister of Justice in Stambolov's Cabinet.

1894 - Minister of Trade and Agriculture in Stoilov's Cabinet.

1899 – 1900 - Minister of the Public Buildings, Roads and Communications in Ivanchov's Cabinet.

1913 – 1918 - Minister of Finance in Dr. Radoslavov's cabinet.

1923 - sentenced to life imprisonment and deprived of civil and political rights under the Law for Trying the Perpetrators for the National Catastrophes.
Leader of the Young Liberal Party.

1924 - granted amnesty by the Concord's government.

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