Marko Tourlakov

Marko Tourlakov

Minister of finance during

21.05.1920 - 09.02.1923

1853 - 1940
Born: Kardzhali (today’s Sarnevo), district Haskovo

1900: BAPU functionary.

1907: Member of BAPU Standing Committee. Graduated Law in Sofia University.

1907 – 1910: Editor with the “Zemedelsko Zname” newspaper.

1912 – 1913: Editor with the “Zemedelska Missul” magazine

1913: MP in the Sixteenth Ordinary National Assembly.

1915: Sentenced to jail in the so called Declausiere Affair trial.

1919 - 1920: Minister of Railways, Postal Services and Telegraphs and Head of the Ministry of Justice in Stamboliyski’s Cabinet.

1920 - 1923: Minister of Finance in Stamboliyski's Cabinet. MP.

In 1923 he opposed part of BAPU reforms and was dismissed from the cabinet and BAPU.

1933: Treasurer of BAPU “Alexander Stamboliyski”.

1934: Retired from active political career.

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