Konstantin Stoilov

Konstantin Stoilov

1853 - 1901
Born: Plovdiv

1871- finished the Robert College in Istanbul.

1877 - graduated in Law in Heidelberg, Germany. Doctor of the University.

1878 – studied law in Paris. Member of the Plovdiv Appellate Court.

1879 – Chairman of the Sofia Province Court, member of the Constituent Assembly, one of the leaders of the conservatives, Secretary of the Constituent Assembly and member of the committee on drafting the Constitution. Private Secretary, Head of Prince Battenberg’s Political Cabinet.

1881 – 1883 - Supported the plenipotentiary regime and was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Religions in General Sobolev's cabinet and Minister of Justice in Tsankov's Cabinet.

1884 – member of the Bulgarian Literary Association.

1885 - took part in the war between Bulgaria and Serbia as volunteer officer, member of the Prince's train.

1886 - Minister of Foreign Affairs and Religions in Karavelov's Cabinet, member of the delegation for finding a candidate for the Bulgarian throne.

1886 – 1887 - Minister of Justice in Radoslavov's Cabinet and Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

1887 – 1888 - Minister of Justice under the Cabinet of Stambolov.

1894 - Prime Minister of the Coalition Government; founded the People’s Party.

1894 – 1899 - Prime Minister.

1896 – 1899 - Minister of Foreign Affairs and Religions.

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