Teodor Teodorov

Teodor Teodorov

1859 - 1924
Born: Elena

1874 - 1893 Studied in the Aprilov Secondary school in Gabrovo and in Nikolaevsk, Russia. Studied Law in Odessa and Paris.

1894 - 1896: Speaker of the Eight Ordinary National Assembly.

1894 - 1923: Elected MP repeatedly.

1896 - 1897: Minister of Justice in Stoilov's Cabinet.

1897 - 1899: Minister of Finance in Stoilov's Cabinet. Public prosecutor at Sofia District Court and Member of the Court of Appeals.

1911 - 1913: Minister of Finance in Geshov’s and Danov’s cabinets.

1918 - 1919: Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Religions. Headed the Bulgarian delegation at Paris Conference negotiations.

1923: Took part in the preparation of the coup d'etat against the government of the Bulgarian Agrarian People’s Union (BAPU).

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