Stoycho Moushanov

Stoycho Moushanov

1892 - 1975
Born: Dryanovo

1900: Graduated Law in France.

1912 - 1913: Took part in the Balkan War as officer. Democratic Party functionary.

1919: Member of the Supreme Party Council of the Democratic Party.

1920 – 1923: Member of the Military League. Mason.

1923 - 1934: MP in the 21, 22 and 23 National Assemblies.

1934 – 1935: Director of Labour.

1935: Minister of National Economy and Head of the Ministry of Finance in Toshev's Cabinet.

1938 - 1939: Speaker of 24th Ordinary National Assembly. Anglophile.

1939 - 1944: Member of the legal opposition. Opposed the armed struggle of the Fatherland Front. Led the secret talks in Cairo with the English and the Americans to find a way out of the war for the Kingdom of Bulgaria. Author of memoirs. Repressed by the communist regime.

1944 - 1947: Took part in Democratic Party activities.

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