International Financial Institutions Directorate

Director of the DirectorateGergana Beremska
Gergana Beremska

Contact details:
102 "G. S. Rakovski" Str.
1040 Sofia, Bulgaria
telephone: (+359) 2/9859 2401

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Directorate's main task:   

The International Financial Institutions Directorate supports the representation of the Republic of Bulgaria in the international financial organisations and the performance of the functions of the Bulgarian representatives in the governing bodies of these organisations. It carries out activities relating to the country’s participation in the international financial organisations and coordinates the positions on the issues within the competence of the Ministry of Finance on topics of the present day from the agenda of those organisations.

The Directorate assists the minister in the cooperation with the international financial and credit institutions to secure the necessary external financing in line with the needs of the state budget and of the Bulgarian economy and to make use of the global experience and expertise of those institutions. It renders institutional support for the implementation of projects in the country co-financed by international and financial institutions, in the part referring to the financial terms.

The Directorate is responsible for the planning of the funds for the Republic of Bulgaria’s contribution to the European Development Fund and assists the minister in his relations with the international financial institutions, including by coordinating the Ministry’s activities related to the preparation of the Republic of Bulgaria for OECD membership in view of providing the necessary internal arrangements.


The International Financial Institutions Directorate has three divisions:

World Bank and International Monetary Fund Division;

European Financial Institutions Division;

Regional Financial Institutions Division.

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