Finance and Property Management Directorate

Director of the Directorate
Galina Mladenova

Contact details:
102 “G. S. Rakovski” Str.
1040 Sofia, Bulgaria
telephone: 02/9859 2691

e-mail: Embedded Image  

The main tasks of the Directorate

The Directorate assists Ministry's management in the proper and lawful use of financial resources intended for property safeguarding as well in the prevention of funds and assets misuse. Controls the implementation of the contracts concluded on the basis thereof together with the ordering Directorates. Exercises ex-ante control as to the lawfulness of the financial activities of the Ministry under the Financial Management and Control in the Public Sector Act. It assists the Minister of Finance in his activity related to exercising financial control as to the compliance with the requirements of the Ordinance on the Rules and Procedure on Securities' Printing and Control.

Finance and Accounting Division

  • Participates in the process of managing the Ministry's budget funds and monitors the observance of the financial and budgetary discipline;
  • provides methodological guidance to second-level spending units as to the preparation of financial statements and reports on the budget's cash performance;
  • Organizes and implements a unified accounting system under a full budget classification and under accounts in line with the requirements of the Accountancy Act, the Government Chart of Accounts and the applicable accounting standard;
  • Prepares a draft budget and a three-year budget forecast of the Ministry according to the Unified Budget Classification as well as in a programme format;
  • Prepares the interim and the annual financial statements and the reports on the cash performance of the budget of the Ministry's central administration as well as the consolidated financial statement and report on the cash performance of the Ministry's budget;
  • In its capacity of a first-level spending unit analyses and approves the limits, and services the transit accounts of the second-level spending units to the Minister of Finance in the Single Account system.

Economic Activities Division

  • Is responsible for the proper use and management of Ministry's immovable property - both public and private, including of Ministry's recreation centres and housing;
  • Organizes and carries out Ministry's logistical supply with machinery and equipment, spare parts, stocks, organizational facilities, consumables and furnishings; coordinates and ensures the maintenance of hygiene, security and fire alarm systems;
  • Is responsible for the maintenance of Ministry's motor vehicles as well as for the transport service of Ministry's officers;
  • Develops and manages the plans and carries out the activities related to placing the Ministry and the administrative structures assisting the Minister in readiness for operation in wartime, in crises and in the event of natural disasters.

    Control over Securities Printing Division
  • Examines the applications for securities printing and suggests to the Minister of Finance or officials authorized by him to either approve or reject those;

  • Exercises specialized control over securities printing, storing and flow by the time those are delivered to the issuer or the officials authorized by him. 

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