Human Resource and Administrative Services Directorate

Director of the Directorate  Tsveta Delcheva

Tsveta Delcheva 

Contact details:
102 “G. S. Rakovski” Str.
1040 Sofia, Bulgaria
telephone: (+359) 2/9859-2621 
(+359) 2/9859-2634 
(+359) 2/9859-2639
e-mail: Embedded Image

Human Resources and Administrative Services Directorate comprises two divisions:
- Personnel and Administrative Activities;
- Recruitment, Assessment and Professional Development Division. 

Main functions:

  • Development and implementation of suitable strategies and policies for human resource management and for organisational structure optimization together with the other administrative units of the Ministry;
  • Taking part in elaboration of position papers on drafts of normative and other acts in the field of human resource management;
  • Development of plans and prognoses for human resources in the Ministry;
  • Elaboration and updating job and roll payrols of the Ministry;
  • Organisation of employee job description development and updating;
  • Organisation of recruitment, selection and appointment of personnel, preparation of all acts, related to arising, modification and termination of civil service and labour relationship in compliance with the existing law and compilation, keeping and maintenance of civil service and labour relationship dossiers;
  • Organisation and administration of all activities related to human resource management in the Ministry;
  • Introduction and implementation of performance appraisal, remuneration and career development systems;
  • Organisation and control of training and development of personnel by offering and implementing training programs and programs for professional qualification of the Ministry's employees;
  • Making studies amongst the employees for organisational culture and labor conditions improvement;
  • Giving consultations to managers and employees of the Ministry on issues, related to human resource management;
  • Organizes the overall activity of the Citizens Reception at the Ministry, related to the administrative service of natural and legal entities under the principle of "one-stop-shop", the reception of citizens and representatives of organizations, and the hearing of their proposals and signals in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Code;
  • Implements, through an automated information system, the records keeping activity, archiving and storing of Ministry's documentation; prepares verified copies of documents that are being kept in the archive; organizes expert assessment of documents' value, as well as documents' processing and transfer to the Central State Archives;
  • Examines the applications for access to public information under the Access to Public Information Act, and prepares drafts of decisions to either grant or deny such access; prepares information and reports in accordance with the said Act;
  • Coordinates the preparation of materials for the meetings of the Council of Ministers and the councils thereto; organizes and designs Ministry's proposals to be included in Council of Ministers legislative agenda; makes entries into the Administrative Register;
  • Organizes the implementation and observation of the requirements under the Classified Information Protection Act and the international treaties on classified information protection; organizes regular checks of the record and flow of materials and documents containing classified information, as well as timely declassification of materials with expired protection period and their transfer to the archive;
  • Assists the information security officer in developing the plan for ensuring Ministry's security through physical and technical means, in making routine investigation of MoF officials who are to work with classified information, in organizing and conducting the training of MoF officials in the area of classified information protection.

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