Litigation Directorate

Director of the Directorate
Ivan Kondov

Contact details:
102 "G. S. Rakovski" Str.
1040 Sofia, Bulgaria
telephone: (+359) 2/9859 2800

The Litigation Directorate performs the following functions as defined in Article 36 of the Ministry of Finance Structural Regulations:

1. represent by counsel the state, the Minister and the Ministry under legal and arbitration proceedings before the judicial authorities in the country;

2. represent by counsel the Minister and the Ministry before the Commission for Protection against Discrimination and the Commission for Protection of Competition;

3. organize, coordinate and manage the protection of the Bulgarian state in international arbitration cases;

4. represent by counsel the Bulgarian state in foreign jurisdictions, including in international arbitration proceedings;

5. coordinate the preparation of opinions under constitutional cases whereto the Minister is interested party;

6. analyse the existing legislation and court case-law in the area of civil, commercial and administrative law and the decisions of the Constitutional Court related to the activity of the Ministry and make proposals for improvement and proper application of the statutory instruments in the sphere of finance;

7. coordinate agreements whereto the Ministry is a party in terms of their lawfulness;

8. undertake the required legal actions to collect the awarded pecuniary claims of the Ministry;

9. give opinions on the legal grounds for the execution of judicial decisions which have become res judicata;

10. take part in the coordination of drafts for amendment and supplement of the procedural legislation;

11. prepare drafts of penal orders in the cases where the Minister of Finance is the authority imposing administrative sanctions according to Article 424, paragraph 2 of the Penal Code;

12. draw up opinions on legal issues in connection with on-going and future legal and arbitration proceedings;

13. propose the undertaking of measures on grounds of legal conformity for cessation of law violations and elimination of the causes and conditions that give rise to such violations.

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