International Development and Cooperation Division

  • Prepares consolidated opinions on bilateral cooperation in the areas of competence of the Ministry of Finance and the structures to it, and participates in the sessions of the bilateral intergovernmental joint commissions on economic cooperation;
  • Coordinates international multilateral and bilateral agreements, conventions, treaties and other agreements for trade, economic and scientific and technical cooperation;
  • Coordinates the financial schemes and facilities in regard to the provision of official development assistance by the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Plans the funds for Republic of Bulgaria's contribution to the European Development Fund in the central budget;
  • Supports the keeping of contact and correspondence with the Centre for Excellence in Finance (CEF) in Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia, and prepares consolidated opinions as well as materials needed for the participation of the Minister of Finance in meetings of the Governing Board of CEF, etc.;
  • Performs the activities relating to the intergovernmental credit agreements under which Bulgaria is a creditor in their part referring to collection of confirmed receivables. Prepares, negotiates and implements schemes and specific mechanisms for settlement of arrears under clearing, barter and other financial and payment agreements;
  • Analyses and plans budget revenues, expenditures and fundings under agreements for collection of receivables from abroad.

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