Public Relations and Protocol Directorate

Director of the Directorate

 Maya Milanova

Contact details:
102 "G. S. Rakovski" str.
1040 Sofia, Bulgaria

Directorate's main task:

The main task of the Public Relations and Protocol Directorate is to plan, coordinate and implement the information policy of the Ministry of Finance, while ensuring publicity and transparency of the activity of the Ministry and informing the public about MoF policy. It carries out the protocol activity of the Ministry and organizes the public appearances of the Minister of Finance and his Deputies.


Public Relations Division

  • Plans, coordinates and carries out the information policy of the Ministry and the presentations in public of the Minister, the political cabinet and the officials of the Ministry; ensures publicity and transparency of the activity of the Ministry and the administrative structures thereto by organizing the access to information for both media and citizens. Еnsures the media coverage of formal and working meetings of the Ministry, written replies and interviews; assists the activities related to morning monitoring of printed media and prepares press reviews for the needs of the Ministry;
  • Takes part in the organization of the visits of the Minister and his Deputies in both the country and abroad and their coverage by the media; coordinates the public appearances of the Minister, the political cabinet and the heads of second-level spending units;
  • Coordinates the preparation of Minister's answers for the parliamentary control at the National Assembly;
  • Assists the work of Ministry's structures aimed at improving public awareness on the absorption of funds provided to Republic of Bulgaria by the European Union, and takes part in the planning and implementation of projects and activities in execution of the Communication Strategy on issues within the competence of the Ministry;
  • Elaborates, organizes and commissions information campaigns for preliminary presentation and promotion of the Ministry's policy as well as of the bills and drafts of bylaws prepared by it;
  • Coordinates and controls the maintenance and updating of the internal information system - Intranet, and the information input to the website of the Ministry and the second-level spending units to the Minister;
  • Prepares and designs presentations upon participation of the Minister, his Deputies and Ministry's experts in seminars, press conferences, discussions and others; prepares printed and audio-visual materials intended for building a positive image and promoting the policy of the Ministry.

Protocol and International Activity Division

  • Prepares, coordinates and facilitates the organisation, conduct and logistics of press conferences, symposia, seminars, discussions and round tables, official and working meetings of MoF management and staff;
  • Coordinates the agenda of official and working visits to Bulgaria of guests at the invitation of the Minister of Finance with the State Protocol Directorate, the National Security Service, foreign embassies in Bulgaria and Bulgarian embassies abroad, as well as with all other institutions and services related to the organisation of the specific event;
  • Coordinates the agenda of MoF senior officials for business trips abroad with representatives of foreign governmental structures, European institutions and other organisations, and prepares the necessary documents for the business trips abroad of MoF officials;
  • Assists with and coordinates the protocol activities related to MoF international cooperation at bilateral and multilateral level;
  • Arranges any official working breakfasts, luncheons, dinners and receptions given on behalf of the Minister of Finance, as well as ceremonies for official signing of agreements and treaties in accordance with the requirements of government protocol and ceremonial;
  • Prepares and sends congratulatory addresses and invitations in connection with official events and celebrations; makes research and participates in the selection of protocol gifts and souvenirs;
  • Provides interpretation at meetings and translation of official correspondence and materials, keeps the MoF protocol correspondence, welcomes and accompanies foreign delegations and high-ranking guests of the Ministry.

Euro Area Communication Division

  • Plans, coordinates and implements the Communication Strategy for Information and Publicity on Bulgaria's Accession to the Euro Area (Communication Strategy) which has been developed and adopted in implementation of the National Plan for the Introduction of the Euro in the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Carries out the strategic communication between the Ministry of Finance and the European institutions on information and publicity issues concerning the introduction of the euro; liaises and acts as a link between all activities related to the implementation of the Communication Strategy and all institutions and organisations at local and national level, as well as at EU level.
  • Plans and proposes public procurement related to the support activities related to the implementation of the Communication Strategy and supervises their implementation.
  • Updates the content of the euro introduction website.
  • Plans, prepares, coordinates and implements the organisation, conduct and coverage of public events, press conferences, seminars, discussions, round tables, lectures, roadshows throughout the country related to the introduction of the euro in Bulgaria.


Presscenter: (+359/2) 9859 2023/2024/2021

e-mail: Embedded Image

Web site: (+359/2) 9859 2024

Protocol: (+359/2) 9859 2025

Euro Area Communication Division: 9859 2070

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