World Bank and International Monetary Fund Division


  • Carries out regular consultations, coordination and interaction with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group organisations in the framework of the established formats of relations between them and the Republic of Bulgaria, including their permanent representation offices in Bulgaria;
  • Takes part in the process of coordination of the partnership framework between the World Bank and the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Takes part in the preparation, negotiation, signing and subsequent ratification of loan and guarantee agreements between the Republic of Bulgaria and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD);
  • Performs coordination and monitors the implementation of the portfolio of investment loans and grants of the IBRD in the Republic of Bulgaria; coordinates the technical, analytical and consultancy assistance by the IBRD and the IMF;
  • Assists the Governor for the Republic of Bulgaria in the World Bank Group and the Deputy Governor for our country in the IMF in the performance of their functions as per the articles of association and in connection with the participation of the country in the work of these organisations;
  • Coordinates and carries out the necessary actions in regard to the Republic of Bulgaria's share in the capital of the World Bank Group organisations and the IMF;
  • Prepares the participation of the representatives of the Ministry of Finance in the working formats of the EU institutions on issues related to the international financial architecture.

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