National Development Programme: Bulgaria 2020

NationalDevelopment Programme: Bulgaria 2020 is integrated document presenting the linkbetween the EU priorities in the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy and theBulgarian national priorities. It is the basis for strategic documentsprogramming related to the implementation of the national as well as the EUpolicies. The document will support the process of optimization of developmentprogramming in the country until 2020. It ensures the framework for settingdifferent priorities for the allocation of the national and the European publicresources as well as mobilization of other sources of financing. NationalDevelopment Programme: Bulgaria 2020 considers all approved strategic documentsthus securing complete coordination between different implementing policies inthe country. It is also the basis for the elaboration of the PartnershipAgreement with the EC for the 2014-2020 period.

In this regard thenecessary changes in the Council of Ministers Decree № 110 / 2010 г.on establishment of the Council for Development as an advisory body to theCouncil of Ministers are approved.

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