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Today's overemotional political messages of GERB leader Boyko Borisov cause destabilisation of the state. Their intensity already grades to uncontrollable and incompetent talking on sensitive topics such as the financial security and the stability of the state. This political pressure on society causes unnecessary alarm.

I definitely insist on stopping the attempts for destabilisation - we have already the date for early elections, the political consultations are on-going and the leaders of the parliamentary represented parties are looking for the best formula for the future of the country and aim at overcoming the political instability we are witnessing after the elections for European Parliament.

I do not accept the accusations of Boyko Borisov that with my interview for the BNT Panorama programme of yesterday when I talked about reassurance I was creating panic. My statement of yesterday is an expression of convinced expert and statesmanlike position based on data and analyses and not on political empty talking. Yesterday we witnessed uniform statesmanlike talking in a situation of artificially, criminally and justiciable created alarm and attempt for breakdown of the banking system. Responsible political forces should not deviate from such statesmanlike behaviour.

The place for political negotiations is in Parliament and not in the national televisions morning programmes.

The evaluation for the work of the Government and the long-term fiscal stability of Bulgaria has been given by the international investor community and has found expression in the record low interest of 2.95% on 10-year bonds. Bulgaria managed to print the full targeted EUR1,493m amount, securing the lowest ever coupon for its Eurobonds. Citigroup, HSBC and J.P. Morgan acted as Joint Lead Managers and Bookrunners on the transaction.

Bulgaria attracted an extremely granular investor base into the issue, very well diversified both geographically and by investor type. The final allocations by region were as follows: UK 37%, Germany & Austria 18%, Bulgaria 15%, CEE 5%, Offshore US 4%, Benelux 4%, France 4%, Asia 3%, Switzerland 2%, Rest of Europe & others 8%. By investor type the bond composition consisted of: Fund Managers 61%, Banks & Private Banks 17%, Insurance & Pension Funds 15% and Central Banks & Sovereign Wealth Funds 7%.

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