National Compensation Housing Fund


The National Compensation Housing Fund has been set up pursuant to Article 5(1) of the adopted by the Grand National Assembly Act to Settle the Rights of Citizens with Long-Standing Home Purchase Savings Deposits promulgated in State Gazette No. 82 of 4 October 1991.

A managing body of the Housing Fund is the Management Board, which comprises seven members, appointed by the Chairperson of the Council of Ministers for a term of five years pursuant to Article 8(1) of the Act.

For the operational management of the Fund, a standing executive body with the Management Board is established pursuant to Article 9(3) of the Act. Under Article 13(1) of the Implementing Regulations the personnel of the latter numbers 13 persons, an Executive Director inclusive.

In pursuance of Article 8(2) of the Act the Management Board, acting on a motion by the municipal councils, has approved 158 local commissions with the municipalities, comprised of representatives of the municipal councils and the organizations representing the citizens with housing needs. Under Article 16 of the Implementing Regulations local commissions consist of between 5 and 9 members and are competent to exercise their activities after their approval by the Management Board and the promulgation of its decision on their number and chairperson in the State Gazette.

Contact person: Gavril Mitov, Executive Director, tel. +359/ 2/ 986 3292, 2А, Knyaz Dondukov Blvd.

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