Accounting Legislation Division

The Accounting Legislation Division performs the following main functions:

1. Preparation of draft legislative acts on the organization, methods, methodology and implementation of the accounting of real sector enterprises;

2. Preparation of instructions, opinions and answers to written inquiries about the implementation in practice of the accounting legislation;

3. Participation in the process of transposition of the EU legislation to the national legislation in the field of accounting of real sector enterprises;

4. Preparation of opinions and draft positions in the field of accounting legislation for the ECOFIN Council meetings;

5. Preparation of opinions and draft positions in the field of accounting for the meetings of the committees and working groups to the Council of the EU and to the European Commission;

6. Preparation of draft positions and provision of information and papers needed for the information and pre-court stages of the infringement procedures launched by the European Commission as well as proposals for amendments to the accounting legislation to address any inconsistencies.

7. Enters notifications of national legislative acts transposing the requirements of the EU to the electronic system of the European Commission for notification of national measures of execution in the area of accounting and financial transaction tax;

8. Drafting of papers and participation in the meetings of the EU Affairs Council in the area of accounting and coordination of the activity of working party 27: Accounting and Independent Financial Audit;

10. Participation in the drafting of positions of the Republic of Bulgaria in relation to court proceedings launched in the European Court of Justice and preliminary ruling references to the Court in the field of accounting;

11. Participation in the alignment of drafts of international agreements on accounting issues.

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