Access to Public Information at the Ministry of Finance

Each citizen or legal entity is entitled to file an application to be given access to public information that is generated and stored at the Ministry of Finance. The information may be requested by either oral inquiry or written application.
On the grounds of Art. 28, para. 2 of APIA and Minister of Finance’s Order No ЗМФ–435 / 04.05.2017, Mrs. Tsveta Petrova Neykova – Delcheva, Director of Human Resources and Administrative Services Directorate, is authorized to consider the submitted applications for providing access to public information under APIA and to decide whether access to the requested information should be given or denied as well as to notify the applicants about the decision taken.
Where the request is oral a statement shall be drawn for receipt of an oral application for access to public information.
The written applications for access to public information are subject to mandatory registration at MoF Reception Room for Citizens (room 1) each business day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
In order to be considered the application should contain the following information:
1. the full name, the name and the registered office, respectively, of the applicant;
2. description of the information requested;
3. the form preferred for providing access to the information requested;
4. address for correspondence with the applicant.
One can use one or more of the following forms of access to public information: review of the information in the original form or in a copy; oral response to an inquiry; paper copy; copy on a technical data medium.
Persons that have visual or hearing and vocal impairments may request access in a form that corresponds to their communication abilities.
Access to public information shall be given after paying the costs for providing the information, which amount is determined by Minister of Finance’s Order No ЗМФ-1472/ 29.11.2011 (prom. SG issue No 98 of 2011), and presenting a document of payment. The fees for providing public information shall be paid in and collected by cashier of the Ministry of Finance or transferred to the bank account of the Ministry: IBAN BG35BNBG96613000148401, BIC BNBGBGSD – with BNB – Sofia – 1000, 1, Alexander Battenberg Sq.

Phones for contact: +359 2 9859 2639 and +359 2 9859 2634.

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