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"I'm entering a "house" in good order as we worked in a team with Minister Goranov and I am in a privileged position in comparison with my peers from the caretaker government." Caretaker Minister of Finance Kiril Ananiev said the above during the formal transfer of the position by Minister of Finance (resigned) Vladislav Goranov. Minister Ananiev pointed out that he was fully aware of the state of the Ministry of Finance and the implementation of the State Budget Law for the year. He stressed that the caretaker government would work in the framework of the fiscal targets and priorities approved by law, but it would also work towards ensuring resources for the upcoming early elections and the preparation for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council.

Kiril Ananiev explained the immediate obligations of the Ministry: "We have three major tasks in front of us, related to legal acts. The first task is the preparation of the three-year budget forecast for the period 2018 - 2020; it will only reflect the developments in the latest macroeconomic framework and some technical remarks by the Commission as we are not legally entitled to pursue a new policy therein." In addition, within the schedule and the deadlines of the current European Semester, we must update the National Reform Programme and the Convergence Programme. "One of our most important tasks is to ensure proper financing of the public sector so as not to impair the quality of public services", he added. To the question whether there would be any changes in the management of the National Revenue Agency and the Customs Agency, Kiril Ananiev replied: "When the team is winning, no changes are made."

In turn, Minister (resigned) Vladislav Goranov said: "It was a pleasure working with him during a dynamic and quite challenging mandate. I leave the Ministry and public finances in good shape and I hope that the next regular Minister will find them in the same state." He wished his successor to succeed in preserving the pace of work in revenue agencies and to maintain the execution of the budget.

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