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“The Day of the Bulgarian Enlighteners is an appropriate day to launch this symbolic for the Bulgarian capital market initiative. Being an issuer and a key stakeholder, the Ministry of Finance has been working hard the government securities to be admitted to a regulated market for secondary trade. We believe that in this way we will improve transparency, accessibility and fairness in setting the GS price. I wish you a successful start and rely on strong activity by the market participants on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.” With the above statement, Deputy Minister of Finance Marinela Petrova symbolically launched the session for secondary trade in GS on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. The trade session started one minute after 10 a.m. on the first day of November 2017 with the traditional sound of bells. The ceremony at the BSE was attended by Vasil Golemanski, Chief Executive Officer and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the BSE, Asen Yagodin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the BSE, representatives of the BNB, the Central Depository and the Financial Supervision Commission. 

“Today, after 20 years of efforts, 20 issues of GS with a total nominal value of BGN 5.5 billion were admitted to trading on the BSE, which is the biggest issuer of the BSE”, Vasil Golemanski underlined the importance of that session. Asen Yagodin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the BSE, pointed out that “today’s event is part of the Capital Market Development Strategy, it is a step in the right direction because we expect narrowing of the spreads at which government debt is traded; in addition, it will attract more players to the stock market and will improve the image of the capital market in the country”.   

It was specifically underlined during the ceremony that the event resulted from a long, thorough and extremely professional joint work of the experts from all responsible institutions – MoF, BNB, FSC and BSE.

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