Kiril Ananiev

Kiril Ananiev

Contact details:

102 "G. S. Rakovski" Str.
1040 Sofia, Bulgaria

Date of birth: 02.07.1955

Professional experience:

Kiril Ananiev started working at the Ministry of Finance in 1980, after graduating in the speciality of Finance and Credit from the University of National and World Economy. He has specialized in financing of social and culture expenditures at the University of National and World Economy, and in healthcare reform in Chicago, USA. He took all expert positions until becoming Head of State Expenditure General Directorate and Deputy Minister of Finance for three consecutive governments in the period 1998-2009. He was also Financial Policy Secretary for the administration of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria (2009-2011) and Counsellor to the Political Office of the Prime Minister (2013-2014).

He held the position of Deputy Minister of Finance from August 2014 to January 2017.

27 January 2017 - 3 May 2017 - Minister of Finance of the Republic of Bulgaria.

In performing his functions Kiril Ananiev will be managing and coordinating the activity of the following directorates of the Ministry of Finance:

1. Budget Directorate;

2. State Expenditure Directorate;

3. Local Government Financing Directorate;

4. Treasury Directorate;

5. Centralised Contracting and Public Procurement Directorate.